2010 Shreveport Mayoral Race

You Asked! They Answered!

Now you can compare the Final 2 candidates

and VOTE FOR BUSINESS on Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce led one-on-one interviews with each of the Shreveport Mayoral Candidates in an effort to inform and educate our members on the positions of each candidate.  The interviews were conducted by a panel of volunteers who are in leadership positions. We also invited our colleagues from the Bossier Chamber to participate.  
We began our effort months ago by polling our membership to learn what questions are most important to them and the general business community. We asked “What questions would you like the candidates to answer?” The Chamber’s leadership team then compressed and compiled those questions into one standard questionnaire (13 questions) that was used during each interview.
We were pleased to be able to interview all eight candidates running for the Shreveport Mayoral seat. During the one-on-one interviews, a panel of leaders representing both Chambers asked the questions and used the same list of questions for each candidate. Each interview was recorded using the latest audio and digital note-taking technology, for accuracy. Each panelist also took written notes to capture the main thoughts behind each response. This year we also added a video component to our interviews so that members can actually SEE and HEAR parts of the individual candidate interviews. [To view video component, look in the answer sections. An icon will appear for the 3 questions that were recorded by video in each interview. Click on the icon, while online & connected to the Internet. It will take you to the video site.]

The responses you see listed are the results of the above mentioned effort. We hope the information helps you learn the views of each candidate on the various issues especially economic development, I-49 North and other business issues facing our area. The format is designed to help you compare each candidate’s responses so that you can make your own, informed, decision on Election Day (November 2nd) as to which candidate will be the best mayor for the City of Shreveport.

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