The U.S. Chamber event brought together congressional candidates to provide an outlook for the legislative battles looming in the 119th Congress.

In January 2025, the 119th Congress will be sworn-in with several looming policy challenges on the horizon. To provide an outlook for the legislative battles ahead, the Chamber recently convened congressional candidates, business leaders, policy experts, and former members of Congress for a Free Enterprise Forum to discuss top policy issues facing American businesses.

Attendees were able to hear from Chamber executives and policy experts on a variety of key issues, including AI and the workforce, the U.S. trade environment, preserving tax competitiveness, and threats to free enterprise.

The event drew eight congressional candidates, including Jefferson Shreve (IN-06), Tom Barrett (MI-07), Addison McDowell (NC-06), Derek Merrin (OH-09), Ryan Mackenzie (PA-07), Rob Bresnahan (PA-08), Rob Mercuri (PA-17), and Brandon Gill (TX-26).

Candidates also heard from Brett Loper, Executive Director of the Peterson Solutions Fund, where he works to advance initiatives to stabilize America’s fiscal outlook, improve the performance of our nation’s health care system, and strengthen the pillars of our national democracy to support a growing, thriving economy over the long term.  

Additionally, former U.S. Senators Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) spoke to the potential new Members of Congress on governing in today’s Congress. 

  • “In the last 12 elections, either the House, Senate, or White House has changed parties in 10 of those elections,” said Sen. Blunt. “The real policy that lasts in the country is the policy that has people on it from both sides of the aisle.” 
  • “For a period of almost 2,000 years – from the time of Julius Cesar to the time of George Washington – the western world doubled its standard of living once,” said Sen. Pat Toomey. “Since Washington to today, we discovered that if you adopt democratic governance, rule of law, the enforcement of private property rights, and you allow free men and women to decide how to arrange their economic affairs, we’ve been able to double the economic standard of living not once every 2,000 years, but once every 20 years.”

The Chamber stands proudly with elected officials and candidates who support job creators and our workforce through durable, bipartisan policy solutions. The U.S. Chamber’s PAC has also supported each of these candidates with contributions. Learn more on how the Chamber is supporting pro-growth champions in 2024.